Constantia Thibaut, or Connie Thibaut, as she is known to most, is a graphics and mixed-media artist who studied painting for five years at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where she was exposed to the Surrealist painters whose work became a strong inspiration. Later, at Massachusetts College of Art (MCA), where she graduated with a BFA, she learned about the Surrealist women painters. While earning the MSAE (Master's of Science in Art Education) at MCA, she chose a Surrealist reinterpretation of an Old French romance as the subject of her thesis show requirement. She has studied with and been influenced by local Boston area artists such as the late Conger Metcalf (Neo-Romanticism) and more recently Adria Arch (Abstract Expressionism). Although she has retired from teaching, she continues to create art that is informed by her life experiences and which reinterprets the traditions of the Renaissance, Fantastic Art, and Expressionism.